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Lunch & Learn with Nextmune

Nextmune offers complimentary Lunch & Learn sessions for clinics

We’ll cover the benefits of partnering with Nextmune to test & treat allergies and how we can help you treat dermatological patients in-house instead of outsourcing. Lunch will be provided for all doctors and staff during the presentation. Lunch & Learns are currently offered only as webinars, in-person workshops are not available until further notice.

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Veterinary toolkit

Long-term allergy relief starts here.

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Nextmune Academy

At Nextmune we believe in veterinary education and spreading knowledge. With that belief in mind we continuously organize seminars, webinars and other educational activities for veterinary practitioners. Click to view our educational resources.
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Video Library

We have created a comprehensive video channel dedicated to allergy testing and treatment, best practices to employ when proceeding with hypo-sensitization therapy, and what to do when you have an increase in symptoms.

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Regionally Specific Testing

The SPOT Platinum+ test is the most comprehensive allergy testing available, with a total of 92 of the most common allergens in your region, including grasses, trees, weeds. 


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